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Remote Teams

We are much more than a hiring company.

REMOTE TEAMS introduces a new concept in the recruitment market: Managed Human Resources.

We will find the perfect technical team for you and take care of all the technical and administrative load even during the development of your project. This way, our clients save time and money on personnel and infrastructure.

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¿Why Remote Teams?

Unlimitech Cloud delivers productive technical resources to your company, that’s why we will help you carry out your projects as if they were our own business.

You can save more than 50%, and up to 75%, in human resources expenses.

All resources will be fully dedicated to you and your projects.

We have fast response times and you will be able to interact with the team effortlessly

We provide staff training to improve their skills and fulfill any additional requirements.

You will have the consultation of a highly experienced software architect to support your software planning and development process.

We provide a Scrum Master for the team, which will facilitate communication and project progress.

Remember that we are a software development company, not just outsourcing administrators.  

How we do it


We receive the requirements for the personnel needed for your project.


We open a selection process to find the best candidates that meet your technical and economic needs.


We present you with multiple options so you can approve candidates.


We train staff and prepare them to start working at once.


We initiate your project.

Flowchart for remote teams, optimize your team's management and collaboration.
Remote team working on a project collaboratively and efficiently.

Frequent questions

What makes us different from other hiring companies?

With our model, REMOTE TEAMS, we not only deliver technical resources to your company and charge for them. In Unlimitech Cloud we are interested in the staff being productive and we will help you carry out your projects as if they were our own business.

Is it possible to hire personnel directly?

With prior agreement, the personnel selected and hired for your project can be transferred to be part of your company when it is the best time for you.

Do our customers need technical expertise to carry out their projects?

Normally, our clients do not have sufficient technical knowledge to correctly promote their development projects, nor do they have sufficient technical and/or administrative personnel to manage a technical team. In our model, “managed” means covering all the roles and responsibilities derived from having a technical team.

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